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Above and below downtown Pittsburgh, a network of pedestrian passages offer shelter from the weather and traffic. Most of these routes are easily accessed and open to the public. And with a little planning one may pick up a bite to eat, run some errands, do some shopping, take care of county business and more with only a minimal exposure to the outside world.

Although the building owners and security personnel may not approve, this system of sheltered pedestrian passages may be expanded to include building lobbies. Many buildings have entrances on more than one street. These lobbies may provide further shortcuts and connections...further reducing the need to venture into the cold and wet.

Another network is to be found in Oakland, connecting many of the hospitals and the University of Pittsburgh campus.

Access points:
1 - Hilton Hotel entrance to Gateway Center
2 - One Gateway Center
3 - Three Gateway Center
4 - Two Gateway Center
5 - Gateway Center parking garage
6 - Stanwix parking garage
7 - Highmark Building (formerly Horne's)
8 - Highmark Building (formerly Horne's)
9 - Fifth Avenue Place
10 - Equitable Plaza, near Five Gateway Center
11 - Equitable Plaza, near Westinghouse Building
12 - Two PPG Place and food court
13 - One PPG Place, Wintergarden and parking garage below plaza
14 - Six PPG Place
15 - Four PPG Place
16 - Five PPG Place
17 - Point Park College Academic Hall
18 - Point Park College Lawrence Hall
19 - Allies parking garage
20 - Oxford Centre and parking garage
21 - Oxford Centre Shops
22 - Forbes parking garage
23 - Kaufmann's
24 - Kaufmann's
25 - Grant Building
26 - City County Building
27 - County Office Building
28 - County Courthouse basement
29 - County Courthouse
30 - Former County Jail
31 - One Mellon Center
32 - Sixth Av Subway Entrance
33 - Mellon Bank Client Service Center
34 - USX Tower
35 - Smithfield and Liberty parking garage
36 - Duquesne Club and former Gimbels Building
37 - private building at Penn Av and Garrison Pl
38 - private building at Penn Av and Garrison Pl
39 - David L. Lawrence Convention Center
40 - Doubletree Hotel, Liberty Center

G - Gateway Center
W - Wood Street
S - Steel Plaza
F - First Side


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