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Only the 1870 Monongahela Incline and the 1877 Duquesne Incline continue to operate today.

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0579 4480
- Norwood Steps incline site [Penny Incline] - [1901-1923] - [Island Av near Adrian St to Desiderio Av between McKinnie Av and Highland Av] (McKees Rocks-Stowe)

0582 4476
- Cray and Co. coal incline site - upper station Junius St and Camden St [formerly Catherine St and Hill St], Westwood; lower station Shaler St, West End Valley (Union Borough); upper station in 0581 4476

0583 4480
- Ridgewood incline site [1889-1900 burned] - Charles St North [formerly Taggart St] near Nixon St to Ridgewood St at Yale St

0583 4479
- Clifton incline site [1895-1905] - Strauss St [formerly Metcalf St and Myrtle St] on North Side to Clifton Park [Chautauqua St]

0583 4476
- Duquesne Incline [1877-present] - West Carson St opposite the Point to western end of Grandview Av [formerly High St] between Oneida St and Cohassett St, Duquesne Heights (Mount Washington)

- Brown (coal?) incline site [pre-1872] - Grandview Av [formerly High St] between Merrimac At and Ulysses St [formerly Maria St and Union St], Mt. Washington, to West Carson St [formerly Washington Turnpike]

- Kirk Lewis' Incline (coal hoist) site [1854-?] - Grandview Av [formerly High St] near present Duquesne Incline?, possibly confused with Brown coal incline

1872 Hopkins map shows "Old Incline Plane" on land owned by Wm. H. Brown at the top of McArdle Roadway, the former Monongahela Borough line. The Society for the Preservation of the Duqesne Incline notes "Kirk Lewis' Incline", a coal hoist built in 1854, reportedly near the current Duquesne Incline. They also note that the Duquesne Incline was built for Kirk Bigham and Associates. The 1872 map shows Thomas J. Bigham as owner of a large tract west of Bigham St, extending from the front of Mt. Washington south to Saw Mill Run. The Duquesne Incline is several hundred feet west of Bigham St. Hallock St, 1-1/2 blocks east of the Duquesne Incline, was the boundary line between Union Borough (Duquense Heights) and Mount Washington -- and marked the western edge of the Bigham property in 1872.

0584 4479
- Nunnery Hill Incline site [1887-1889] - Federal St at Henderson St [formerly Fairmount St], North Side, to Catoma St near Meadville St [formerly Clyde St] Fineview - first curved track incline in Pittsburgh

0584 4476
- Clinton Iron Works coal incline site [pre-1872] - hillside below Maple Terrace, Mt. Washington [Coal Hill], to West Carson St [formerly Washington Turnpike] Graff and Bennett Clinton Iron Works at present Station Square

0584 4475
- Castle Shannon Incline site - #1 North Slope [1890-1964] - East Carson St near Arlington Av to Bailey St, Mt. Washington

- Castle Shannon Incline site - #2 South Slope [1892-1914] - Bailey St, Mt. Washington to Warrington Av

- Pittsburgh Coal Co. incline site [pre-1872-?] - route similar to Castle Shannon #1 North Slope - Neff St [formerly Nimick St] below Bailey Av and William St, Mount Washington to East Carson St at Arlington Av [formerly Pittsburgh and Brownsville Turnpike]

- Monongahela Incline [1870-present] - West Carson St at Smithfield St Bridge to eastern end of Grandview Avenue at Wyoming Street, Mt. Washington

- Monongahela Freight Incline site [1883-1935] - along east side of the passenger plane


0579 4483
- Bellevue and Davis Island [1887-1892] - possible location: Dilworth Run ravine, from South Starr and West Bellvue following abandoned course of Oak St to Ohio River at Davis Island

0585 4476
- Fort Pitt Incline site [1882-c1900] - from north end of South Tenth St Bridge to Bluff St

0585 4475
- Knoxville Incline site [Pittsburgh Incline] [1890-1960] - South 11th St to Warrington Av and Knoxville Av - second incline in Pittsburgh with curved track (upper station in 0585 4474)

- Mt. Oliver Incline site [South Twelfth Street Inclined Plane] [1871-1951] - South 12th St to Warrington Av

0586 4479
- Troy Hill Incline site [1887-1898] - near end of old 30th St bridge to Lowrie St at Ley St, west of Lofink St, Troy Hill (some sources place the plane on Rialto St, but 1890 Hopkins map shows it west of Rialto St [formerly Ravine St])

0586 4478
- Penn Incline site [1883-1953] over Bigelow Blvd to Liberty Av, from Ledlie St to 17th St

0586 4475
- St. Clair Incline site [1886-1935] - South 22nd St and Josephine St to Salisbury St

0586 4474
- Keeling and Co. coal incline site [pre-1872] - South 21nd St and Quarry St to St. Patrick St

0586 4474
- Jones and Laughlin coal incline site ? [pre-1872] - Josephine St between South 29th St and South 30th St to Summer St


- Port View Incline site at south end of Port View Bridge over Youghiogheny River at 13th Av, McKeesport

- John Harrison coal incline {1828-?] - opposite National Tube Works on Monongahela River

- Oak Hill Coal Inclines #1 and #2 sites; Larimer, Wilkins Twp.

- James O'Neil coal incline [18xx-?] - Mill St, West Elizabeth Borough

- Coleman mines incline [1856-?] - built by Levi Ludwick

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